Archer E. Bowman (Gear VR)

“…will you survive the onslaught?”

Things You Might Need

  1. Gear VR
  2. Headphones or Earphones

Archer E. Bowman

Software Name: Archer E. Bowman
Age Rating: Family Friendly
System: Gear VR
Type: Action
Size: 77.65M
Ads: No

Controller Use: Not Required

Review: You are…ARCHER E. BOWMAN, Rampart Hero! It is your turn to take to the wall with your trusty bow and defend the kingdom from beastly hordes! It was supposed to be a quiet day of guard duty but wave after wave of enemies are coming from all directions, will you survive the onslaught? Yes, we are going back to the middle ages where knights and kings roam the land.

You play an archer and using the touch and shoot method (although we prefer to use the gamepad) you have to defeat every enemy in each wave. Sometimes there is just 20 or so, and others there are hundreds! This game flows well and feels great to play. While the levels are very much the same there are different enemies to defeat and they all take unique paths to get to the castle battlements. If you have ever wanted to be a bowman (or bow-woman) in oldie days this is the perfect experience, just all done in a cartoon style.



Download Archer E. Bowman Now
Download Archer E. Bowman Now

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