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Are Relationships in VR Possible?

Are Relationships in VR Possible?

In 2013, the film “Her” was released and it told a touching story of how Joaquin Phoenix fell in love with the OS. As we remember, the OS turned out to be a bad girl and broke the heart of the unhappy hero. Her ability to empathize and understand was surprising, if not amazing, and the virtual world she created proved that you can do without women.

However, despite the fact that virtual reality will be used more and more widely in the future, do not forget that “Her” is a movie. But the question of whether VR can build bridges of love and friendship remains open. There is a science that refers to hormones and physical aspects of relationships. But is it possible to establish a close contact without them? The biologist and anthropologist Helen Fisher argues that there are 3 stages of love: lust, attraction, and affection. And if we build on this and the achievements of the VR industry, then, most likely, no problems with finding women for marriage without leaving your home should arise.

The first stage of the thriller called “Love” is lust. Yes, no matter how much you talk about the purity of love and bright feelings, but everything begins with lust. Passion is nothing but an altered state of consciousness programmed by a primitive instinct to procreation. In fact, it is the reaction of your inner self and hidden instincts to the physicality of the potential partner. Lust affects the brain just like cocaine: they increase the level of dopamine – a well-known neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure. If lust is the first stage of love, no wonder that apps like Tinder revived the very concept of acquaintances.


After the lust subsides, the stage of attraction begins. There is a transition from eroticism to romance. But what can romance mean in the era of virtual reality? The fact that with access to technology people move faster from lust to attraction. This is natural since the interaction between the two individuals is much more active.

To communicate, you do not need to find the time, gather and go somewhere – you can just write. But to let the process go, you need to start communicating. And communication with those who are just starting a relationship is built on questions. And if the digital world allows us to exchange them, then VR adds a physical element. With the help of multi-sensory and interactive experience, people are getting closer together much quicker.

According to researchers, this will look the most miraculous way. Imagine a meeting in which you can discuss the beauty of the night sky on one of the levels of the Eiffel Tower, without paying for the flight and dinner.


Stronger feelings cannot arise on the basis of lust alone. This is an indisputable fact. To date, VR technology cannot give us a feel for the whole range of pleasures available to man: we do not have the opportunity to get tactile sensations from each other or smell each other. And all these things are vital for the emergence of a feeling like love. But no one says that this is impossible in principle. Sooner or later this technology will be improved and we will be able to literally touch our interlocutor, who is thousands of miles away from us. All this sounds like science fiction, yes, but listen, a couple of decades ago, mobile communication was also a fantastic thing, and today it is an integral part of our life.

At a time when VR technology will give us the opportunity to feel each other at all levels, the dating industry will completely switch to this technology. After all, this is a win-win option for all participants of the game.

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