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Five Innovative Examples Of Augmented Reality In Action

Five Innovative Examples Of Augmented Reality In Action

Five Innovative Examples Of Augmented Reality In Action
People usually make the connection with brands through motion, sound, and sight. This fact is evident with digital videos and television. However, technology has made it possible for brands to transform the customer experiences from just seeing to an immersive brand experience. Augmented Reality (AR) is one technology that is changing the digital world. If you can visit an online gambling site, apart from the great variety and options that you can get with the available Promotional Bonus Codes, players can get the opportunity to enjoy an unmatched gaming experience on leading sports betting and casino sites. The technology has made the lines between the virtual environment and the real environment to be blurred. 

The Us Army

The US army is using AR technology to give its soldiers better situational awareness. The technology is dubbed “Tactical Augmented Reality.” It is basically an eyepiece that helps the soldiers to locate their positions and the locations of others with a great degree of accuracy. 

TAR will eventually replace night-vision glasses as it also enables the soldiers to see in the dark. It will also replace the hand-held GPS that soldiers carry around to estimate their current positions. 

The eyepiece is connected to a tablet worn on the soldier’s waist through a wireless connection. It is also connected wirelessly to a thermal site mounted on their carbines or rifles. Soldiers can see the image of their target as well as the distance. 


The AR technology has also brought positive developments to the architectural design and construction industry. AR enables professionals to visualize the final designs during the planning stage. 

The designers can also take virtual tours within their designs using headsets. This helps them to tinker with the design in a completely immersive environment. The technology can also be used by city planners who can model entire city plans and take virtual tours. In the future, any activity that has an element of spatial design will want to integrate AR.

Ar Menu

Imagine being able to see what the food looks like before you order. With an AR menu, hotel and restaurant clients can swipe through the whole selection before deciding what to order. 

Other businesses in the service industry can also benefit from integrating AR in their operations. For instance, nail salons can use technology to show their clients colour and style options before they make a choice.      

An excellent example is when L’Oreal partnered with Perfect Corp. to incorporate the brand’s makeup collection into the YouCam Makeup app. That move has revolutionized how customers have traditionally tried and bought beauty products. 

AR Books


In 2015, Disney created a technology that makes book characters 3D while they are being coloured. This is a very straightforward application of AR, but it goes a long way to show its capabilities.     

Outdoor Advertising

AR has also revolutionized the advertising industry. Recently, PepsiCo pranked commuters in London with an AR-enabled bus stop show. The company showed the commuters a prowling tiger, a crashing meteor, and an alien tentacle grabbing people off the streets. It was a fantastic display of the capabilities of the technology. 

Bottom Line

AR technology has not been fully utilized based on its potential. What has been achieved so far is the tip of the iceberg. In the future, you should expect to see more AR solutions in the online gaming, entertainment, and service industry. 


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