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BEST VRCADE 9000 (Steam VR)

BEST VRCADE 9000 (Steam VR)

System:Valve Index & Oculus Rift
Comfort Rating:Red (Extreme Movement)
Genre:Interactive Experience
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers, Keyboard / Mouse
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing, Room-Scale
Age Rating:PG

Description: The “Best VR Cade 9000” (sarcastic rethorical) is a collection of mini game experiments from Indie retro VR Developer peijaychao. A multi-cartridge selection of (fixed arcade shooter, dungeon crawler, to be determined) derivated from subjective memories of once arcade or console classics. Adapted to the unique perspective Virtual Reality allows; dropping the player into the game environment or wrapping the game itself around the player.

Review: I’ve said it before and I will say it again. When a game or app is free I really don’t expect much from it. If it works and is a tiny bit of fun it should still get the thumbs up. ‘BEST VRCADE 9000’ doesn’t get the thumbs up because what you have here is the idea for a game. It features 2 arcade-style games, one is a space invaders in 3D which isn’t up to much and the other which doesn’t work at all! All that seemed to happen is a little man ran off into the distance and then I had to quit the game each time to go back to the menu. There is no fun here, no real reason to download it at all. Maybe if there was a score for the space invaders style game I might have given it a recommendation, but until that small feature is added I won’t be.

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