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Blueplanet VR Explore (Oculus Quest)

Blueplanet VR Explore (Oculus Quest)

Blueplanet VR Explore (Oculus Quest)

VR Shop – Silver Award

Price at Time Of Review: £18.99
Comfort Rating: Yellow
Genre: 360 Video and Animation
Supported Controllers: Oculus Touch, Hand Tracking
Best Playing Position: Standing, Sitting, Roomscale
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG


Description: Blueplanet VR Explore is a rich collection of over 40 volumetric experiences of powerful scenic and cultural heritage locations worldwide, ranging from Borobudur Temple in Indonesia to Bears Ears National Monument in the southwestern US. With a high level of photogrammetry and art direction, BPVR offers full spatial presence and mobility within these remarkable locations, some even offering hang gliding flight experiences over spectacular terrains. Interactive features are used to deepen understanding and insight of these fascinating and unique locations.

Review: ‘Blueplanet VR Explore’ is a collection of 40+ Blueplanet 360 videos and images of which most of us VR veterans have seen many times before on the Gear VR and Oculus Go. That doesn’t mean they are all bad, but some do indeed look a little dated (especially when it comes to video quality). If you have the room (because of the massive download sizes) for this app it is worth a look especially if you enjoy the TV series and other apps like Google Earth. But the price tag is a little steep given that many of these videos and images can be found for free on YouTube VR and other, smaller apps. This app has high points in which you can feel like you are there in these locations and low points in which you are looking at a blurry image wondering what you just paid almost £20 for it. I do think it will be a matter of personal value here rather than a measurement of value for money.

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