Capsule Commander VR (Daydream VR)

“I really enjoyed the challenge.”

Review System: Samsung S8+ – Running Android 7.0
Price at Time Of Review: Free
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Action
Size: 248 MB
Controller System: Daydream Controller
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi Player: No

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Intro: Take control of a planetary lander and guide it safely to it’s destination. Use the daydream controller to fire the engines and tilt the craft but be careful not to land too hard or run out of fuel. Surprises await as the challenges get tougher!

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Verdict: I really enjoyed the challenge. It felt like one of those games that is a VR-exclusive (which is a good thing), and cannot be played without a VR headset – I tried playing this without a VR headset, and would always misjudge the distance and crash. It was perfect after putting on the headset since the depth sensation of VR works very well to help me gauge the distance to the landing pad and obstacles, and whether I need to correct my engine burn or not. The feeling of low gravity was well done too!


Download Capsule Commander VR Now
Download Capsule Commander VR Now

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