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Clash of Chefs VR (Oculus Quest)

Clash of Chefs VR (Oculus Quest)

Clash of Chefs VR (Oculus Quest)

VR Shop – Silver Award

Price at Time Of Review: £14.53
Comfort Rating: Green (No Movement)
Genre: Virtual Job
Supported Controllers: Oculus Touch
Best Playing Position: Standing, Roomscale
Multi-Player: Yes
Age Rating: PG


Description: Ready, set, cook! Clash of Chefs VR is a competitive cooking game that’ll put your culinary skills to the test as you race to finish orders. Complete 80 single player stages, or take on human opponents in both real-time and asynchronous competitive multiplayer with four unique restaurants, each with their own recipes and ingredients to master. Cook the orders, serve them up, and slap your opponents with your leftovers as you race to become the greatest chef in the world!

Review: While there are probably far too many virtual chef cooking games for our VR headsets ‘Clash of Chefs VR’ is at least of the better ones. It certainly ticks a lot of good boxes, there are 80 single-player stages and a multiplayer mode, the graphics are bright and colourful and the gameplay is the classic start simple and get harder learning curve. Sure, there are some annoying bugs but the fast and furious gameplay doesn’t get boring too quickly which is good as these types of games usually do and there is enough variety in the gameplay to keep you going for longer than normal. While the multiplayer side of things is dead the single-player mode does offer a good amount of challenge. It might not be worth the full £14.53 asking price even if it does look the same as the PCVR version, but grabbing this in a sale should leave you feeling quite happy with your purchase.

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