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Cmoar Daydream Edition

Cmoar Set to Release Google Daydream Edition

Cmoar Daydream Edition
Cmoar Daydream Edition

VR News Flash: While many people have been looking towards the big players in the VR market to make the first generation of Google Daydream headsets Cmoar are going to be one of the first! Yes, it looks like Poland is going to win the race to get one out first, but Cmoar are not stopping there! They are also releasing a wireless vest called the Cmoar Suit which is capable of carrying the player’s movements into the VR world.

The really good news is this new Daydream headset is only $99 (£75) which isn’t as bad as many people predicted the price would be for a Daydream Headset. Having said that the Cmoar Daydream Edition + the Cmoar Motion Controller is $148 (£112) which is a bit more. Anyway, more news when we get the one we have already pre-ordered.

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