Colorinz (Oculus Go)

Intro: The magic of Virtual Reality is that it can change the world around you … but what if you could change it? Journey through iconic New Zealand locations with our two unlikely heroes as they discover the value of teamwork – then revisit their world and paint it your way. Children can develop creative expression skills in a safe, positive and immersive environment.
Comfort Level: Gentle
Internet connection: Not Required
Number of Players: Single Player
Genre: Interactive Experience
Space required: 548.4 MB
Supported Controllers: Oculus Go Controller
Age Rating: U
Price: £3.99 ($5)
Movement: 180
Playing Position: Sitting
Review: There is something oddly mystifying and wonderful about Colorinz. With a wonderful little story and lots of colouring to do there is something nice here for the little ones to get into. Maybe even use it as a VR story before bedtime. While I still think the price is a little too high given that you only get one story I am sure there will be some kids that will get hours of fun from this colouring in every single page. But that little one isn’t me and I found it far too childish for anyone over the age of 5.
Click Here - Download Now
Click Here - Download Now

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