Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking by Practicing in Virtual Reality

VR News: One-third of people feel excessive anxiety when they have to speak in front of others. Many get better with experience, but some find it too daunting to try in the first place. Philip Lindner at Stockholm University in Sweden and his colleagues wondered if virtual reality could provide a safe environment for helping people face their public speaking fears.

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My Thoughts on this Story: VR is known to help people with all sorts of phobias, but one it excels at is public speaking. Thanks to apps like Samsung’s #BeFearless & Beyond – Public Speaking you can practice over and over again. While these apps won’t keep you calm during the real thing they might give you a lot more confidence to overcome it yourself. Public speaking practice is something I never imagined VR could help people with, but yet VR’s seemingly limitless applications continue to surprise me.

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