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Are you a postman who is worried about dog bites? VR could help!

Are you a postman who is worried about dog bites? VR could help!

VR News: It’s wrong of me to think of just the postal service people being the only ones who might be worried about dog bites because there are many normal people out there who fear the same thing while simply walking down the street. But it doesn’t matter what job you do or why you fear dog bites, what does matter is that VR could help thanks to an educational tool created by the University of Liverpool’s Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC).

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My Thoughts on this Story: Would you say you know for sure when a dog is friendly or aggressive? No, me neither and that is what this app teaches people. It’s not so much about teaching people what to do in the event of a dog bite, it’s about spotting the signs that the dog might bite if provoked. Thanks to behavioural signs given to the University by The Dogs Trust this app might help those with a fear of dogs in general. Sure, it won’t stop you getting a bite if the dog is going to bite you anyway, but what this app might do is save you getting a bite because you tried to smooth it. The things virtual reality can be used for never ceases to amaze me.

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