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Daybreaker VR (Steam VR)

Daybreaker VR (Steam VR)

£15.49 ($19.99)
System:Valve Index, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Comfort Rating:Green (No Movement)
Genre:Zombie Shooter, Action
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing, Room-Scale
Age Rating:15+

Description: Scavenge loot to survive in this zombie infested post-apocalyptic sandbox VR shooter. Piece together your own guns from the loot you find, or go toe-to-toe with nothing more than a sharpened stick.

Review: ‘Daybreaker VR’ is a zombie shooter and action game in which you pick up various parts of weapons and kind of make your own. All set in a low-poly world some of the zombies do at least have rag-doll psychics which does make it quite fun to poke them with sticks and other things. The game even had survival elements, but they are all kind of pointless at the moment. At the moment there really isn’t much of a “game” here at all, its more a empty sandbox to mess around in.

Sadly it doesn’t take long for you to realise that this game is pretty shallow. And when I say shallow, I mean “is this a demo?” kind of shallow. I’m not sure why the developer thinks this game is worth a tenth of the current £15.49 ($19.99) price tag, but it isn’t. Until a lot more options (maybe even a gun backpack, or a gun holder) are added I wouldn’t be recommending this game to anyone. It does have potential, but it is far away from it being realised.

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