Deadhead VR (Gear VR)

“…this is a game that gets the heart racing and the trigger finger itching.”

Things You Might Need

  1. Gear VR
  2. Controller (Best With)
  3. Headphones or Earphones

Software Name: Deadhead VR
Age Rating: 15+
Review System: Gear VR
Price at Time Of Review: £2.29 ($3)
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Horror
Size: 175.36 MB
Ads: No

Controller Required: No (Best With)
Internet Required: No

Deadhead VR

Intro: Welcome to the Battle of the Alamo, but in this fantasy world, it’s the apocalypse. You are Monsignor Saintiago, best shot in the wild west, you wake up from the rubble only to find the rotten corpses have come back to life to hunt down the rest of existence. Skulls rise from the ash and come to your aid. Destroy the rotten.

Review: While there are lots of options and even a background story to listen too, you find yourself getting straight into the game. The basic idea is to survive as long as you can from an apocalyptical hoard of monsters and zombies. But don’t worry. You get a companion and weapon upgrades to help you along the way. Oh, and you play in the dark with just a torch to see. This really adds to the scare factor and not know where they will come from next always keeps you on edge.


Verdict: This is Gear version of cowboys vs zombies. With nonstop frights, scares and a fight for just basic survival, this is a game that gets the heart racing and the trigger finger itching. Horror / survival games like this work well in VR because you feel as if you are placed in the exact environment and told to survive as long as possible. Sure the monsters look a little odd and cartoonish, but wait until they are up close and personal, then you will discover how scary they truly are. Definitely worth a download for anyone into their survival horror games.

Download Deadhead VR Now
Download Deadhead VR Now

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