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DigiLens DL40

DigiLens DL40 (2013)

DigiLens DL40

Description: Made by DigiLens (founded in 1997 by Jonathan D) is the DigiLens DL40. An augmented reality device that displayed digital images from a smartphone or PDA to your eye. Like a very early version of Google Glass. Even when Google Glass was launched it proved that the technology just isn’t available yet so you can imagine might the same was said for the DigiLens DL40. While it wasn’t all that affordable to the public it was a well made, compact, lightweight monocular eyewear display that had a unique see-through holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display technology.

DigiLens DL40 Specs…


Headset: DigiLens DL40
Manufacturer: DigiLens Inc
Launch Price: Unknown
Release Date: May 2013
Headset Type: AR Smartglasses
Display: Holographic Polymer-dispersed Liquid Crystals
CPU: Unknown
Field of View(FOV): 25°
Refresh Rate: 40 Hz
Battery: Unknown
Weight: 108g (3.80 oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional

DigiLens DL40

HEADSET Review: The DigiLens company later on changed its business model but still learned a lot by this device and are now one of the world’s leading makers of HUD’s for the United States Army. It also develops the VIRTUALITY HMEyetrack, a binocular see-through eyewear display for the military. The good news is for anyone who has one of these they could one day be a valuable collector’s item.

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