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Did the Pope Just Warn People About Using Virtual Reality?

Did the Pope Just Warn People About Using Virtual Reality?

VR News: OK, so that is not really what he said. In fact, he was talking about social media and how he feels it is “Imprisoning People in a Virtual Reality”. So if he thinks that about social media sites, just imagine what he might say about actual VR!

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My Thoughts on this Story: Let’s face it, religion and ALL technology have never mixed and anything that keeps people out of church is always going to be bad for religion as a whole. But that doesn’t need to be the case, if only the church embraced technology and social media a little more then it might appear to be more relevant to today’s kids and start to win their hearts and minds. I would consider myself to be a God-fearing person and I do still go to church in the real world. But the truth is I would much rather visit a virtual one by simply putting on my VR headset. Social media isn’t “Imprisoning People” it is simply holding their interest for long periods of time, sadly it has been a long time since the church could do the same.

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