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Does Virtual Reality Have a Future in the Fashion Industry?

Does Virtual Reality Have a Future in the Fashion Industry?

VR News: For years the fashion industry has relied on 2D sketches and renders to see what their clothing will look like once made, but now some of the fashion industries biggest influencers are turning to virtual reality so they can see what their creations look like on a hyperreal body. They get to see their creation on any size person, with any light source and any given situation. But it is not so much about real-world clothing, it is more about actual virtual clothing! Sara Radin for finds out more –

My Thoughts: As the resolution and indeed the overall quality of clothing in video games and other experiences are getting better and better it makes sense for the fashion industry to be heading this way. If VR ever gets to the point that it is much like it is in the movie Ready Player 1 paying for high-end virtual clothing could soon become a reality! If you have a personal investment in your own virtual avatar I can easily see virtual clothing quickly becoming a lucrative market. This is not something I personally would be into, but I can easily see others paying huge sums of money to clothe their VR personas.

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