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Down the Rabbit Hole (Oculus Quest)

Down the Rabbit Hole (Oculus Quest)

Down the Rabbit Hole (Oculus Quest)

VR Shop – Gold Award

Price at Time Of Review: £14.99
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Adventure
Size: 1.24 GB
Best Playing Position: Sitting, Standing
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG


Description: Down the Rabbit Hole is a VR adventure that takes place in Wonderland prior to Alice’s arrival. You will discover a girl in search of her lost pet, Patches, that has wandered into Wonderland. Guide her as she moves through the mysterious world. But which way should she go?

You control the girl’s fate by plotting her journey through an immersive diorama that wraps around you. Through the game’s many twists and turns, you will find yourself exploring the most wondrous corners of Wonderland, solving puzzles, uncovering secrets and making choices about the story along the way.

Review: We have seen a few ‘Alice in Wonderland’ games in VR already, but it has to be said ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ is by far the best looking one. Played in third-person style you are separated from the action, but this makes the game feel more like you are reading the book (ar at least looking at the pictures). With its beautiful graphics and great voice acting this game captures you from start to finish. Sadly that finish line arrived after just 3 hours for me which does make the £14.99 asking price seem too much. If you can get it for half that or less you should consider it a bargain worth grabbing. This is one VR game you don’t want to miss. so do keep an eye out for it in a sale.

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