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Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 (Steam VR)

Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 (Steam VR)

Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 (Steam VR)

System: Valve Index, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Price at Time Of Review: £5.79
Comfort Rating: Red
Genre: Action
Input: Gamepad, Keyboard & Mouse
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: 15+
VR Shop Score 1/100: 80

Description: In Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 you can: Save hostages being held in Prisoner of War camps. Combat in military attacks in the desert, forests, mines, swamps and fjords. Build radio towers and bridges. Protect the friendly truck and VIP convoy before the enemies can reach and demolish them! Find and transport the stolen trucks and cargo and take them back to the HQ! Fight against the extreme weather conditions and fly in a dust storm, heavy rain and snow blizzard. Install various gun, missile and rocket weapons to protect the friendly soldiers.

Review: Before we go on, I need to point out the obvious here. I am reviewing this game as the VR version, not as a 2D screen played version. That might sound like a weird thing to start with, but there is a reason. A lot of the negative reviews are for the screen version, when in VR the game is not terrible at all, in fact, its pretty good! Once you get past the Minecraft style graphics you are in for a treat! It plays as you are seated inside the Helicopter so you can expect high amounts of nausea for sure. But there is loads of gameplay here and while the game is harder in VR, using a gamepad you soon get used to it and I will even go so far as to suggest it is easily worth the £5.79 asking price! I know its weird given the high amount of negative comments, but trust me, in VR this game is a different thing entirely.

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