Fancy Shopping in a Virtual Walmart? It Might Be About to Happen!

VR News: This story comes about from two patents the Walmart group recently filed. The first is for a “virtual showroom” and the 2nd is for a system of “grabbing” virtual items in a virtual shop. The writer Matthew Boyle wonders what it might look like and if it will ever happen.

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My Thoughts on this Story: The truth is ideas and systems like this have been around for almost 50 years, in fact, I remember seeing a virtual reality demo in the 80’s of a virtual shop where the person was “grabbing” items and putting it into their virtual shopping trolly. So while it is far from a new idea Walmart might have the money to pull it off for real and commercial use. At the end of the day is shopping in VR any different from shopping on a website?!

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