FlyingFowl (Gear VR)

“…sure it’s childish, but it’s just so much fun!”

Things You Might Need

  1. Gear VR
  2. Headphones or Earphones

Software Name: FlyingFowl
Age Rating: 12+
Review System: Gear VR
Price at Time Of Review: £2.29 ($3)
Comfort Rating: Green,Amber,Red
Genre: Action
Size: 336.65 MB
Ads: No

Controller Required: No
Internet Required: No


Intro: It’s time to take to the sky and rain down some fowl fun on the unsuspecting towns people. Why you may ask? Why not! We are birds this is what we do!

Review: I always wanted to be a bird. That feeling of soaring through the sky, not a care in the world. But what I didn’t realise is flying is just a small part of the fun of being a bird, pooping on people is just as much fun, if not more so! The idea is you fly around a great looking cartoon town looking for your target to poop on. You can collect time extenders, food to refill the poop and even some other surprises along the way. You also get points for pooping on other people, cars and just about anything else that moves.


Verdict: Sure it’s basic, sure it’s childish, but it’s just so much fun! Who knew pooping on people could be so much fun! It has to be said that while the pooping part is easy (simply pressing a button to poop) the flying around isn’t. With cars, people and buildings all around you, no wonder the odd bird crashes into our office window. To do well in this game you need a well-oiled swivel chair, quick reacting neck muscles and a good memory because it will only show you who the target is at the start of the level, this is not a game for bird brains. If you need something to smile about this game has it by the flock load.


Download FlyingFowl Now
Download FlyingFowl Now

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