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FORM Smart Swim Goggles (2019)

FORM Smart Swim Goggles (2019)

FORM Smart Swim Goggles (2019)

Description: Never count a lap or memorize a workout again. Now, you can swim with real-time metrics and guided workouts in your goggles. Your goggles will let you know what’s next, share progress updates (like last length of a set), and keep you motivated from start to finish. With a variety of workouts, there’s something for every swimmer. Browse by distance, intensity, and category, or use Workout Finder to get three different swim workout suggestions.

No guesswork, memorization, or watches required. In-goggle workout instructions, progress updates, and metrics keep you motivated and make every swim fun. Browse our ever-growing workout library to find one that matches your mood, skill level and schedule. With a FORM membership, you’ll fall in love with swimming all over again.

FORM Smart Swim Goggles Specs…

Headset: FORM Smart Swim Goggles
Manufacturer: FORM Athletica
Launch Price: $239 (£177)
Release Date: JULY 2019
Headset Type: AR HMD
Display: Prism projector at 640 × 360
CPU: OMAP 4430 System on a chip, dual-core processor
Field of View(FOV): 40°
Refresh Rate: 40 Hz
Battery: Unknown Lithium ion battery
Weight: 110g (3.88 oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional

FORM Smart Swim Goggles (2019)

HEADSET Review: These AR-powered swimming goggles have a smart heads-up display built right into them so as you’re swimming you can see all sorts of different metrics like your pace, distance, calories burned and many other things that might mean the difference between a winning lap as well as constantly bettering yourself. While they are a bit on the heavier side they fit OK and never leak through all our own testing, plus we didn’t have to use any of the included nose guards.

Using it is also pretty simple. but you do have to do some setting up like selecting the pool size and a few other options, but it is all pretty much self-explanatory. The display is little more than a green HUDwith a very small FOV which is handy as you need to see where you are swimming. While I like the product itself the annual subscription needed is annoying and unnecessary to say the least and will put a lot of people off. It’s a good use of AR tech for sure, but it is nothing more than Google Glass built into a pair of OK quality swimming goggles.

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