Macy’s Decrease Furniture Returns to Less Than 2% Thanks to Virtual Reality!

VR News: While a VR furniture store is not something new (see the Wayfair Patio Playground) it is proving to be more successful than you might think! In fact Macy’s claims that since installing virtual reality centres in their furniture departments they have seen a VR-influenced furniture sales increase of around by more than 60% and overall returns of those said products is less than 2% down from 4.5% of non-VR-influenced sales.

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My Thoughts on this Story: Sadly the truth is AR would probably be more beneficial in this area of marketing than VR. But then again it is always nice to hear a good news story about VR. It seems Macy’s really are pushing VR into various point of its business model from training to sales. So it makes you wonder why there isn’t an officially released VR Macy’s app.

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