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Gameface VR

Gameface VR Mark 5 (2014)

Gameface VR

Gameface VR Box Contents

  • Gameface VR Headset

Gameface VR

Description: With Gameface working with Vortex for the Vortex VR VRTX headset, it looks like the Gameface VR was going to be put on hold, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. They showcased an updated prototype behind closed doors at E3 2015 and it has received much respect from the gadget nerds out there.

For a while now they have been saying that it will be like playing a head mounted console which if true would put it right in the big boys game line. While it was a prototype the specs are there and it was surprisingly lightweight considering its power. We all know the console wars are going to the VR arena, but while the rest are travelling there, Gameface is sat in the area already, waiting for the fight to begin. This could well be the first VR console that is made exclusively for games, by gamers who really know their software and that’s a fine pedigree indeed.

Gameface VR Mark 5 Specs…

Headset: Gameface VR Mark 5
Manufacturer: GameFace Labs
Launch Price: $499 (£363)
Release Date: March 2014
Headset Type: VR Headset (All-in-one)
Display: Single LED Panel and 1,920 x 1,080 Resolution
Field of View(FOV): 90°
Refresh Rate: 90Hz
CPU: Snapdragon 821 Processor
GPU: Tegra 4
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: Yes
Screen Focus Adjustment: No
Weight: 550 g (19.40oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional

Gameface VR

Review: For those of you wondering what really happened to the ‘GameFace Labs’ it turns out they are still going and still producing VR headsets even in 2022! As for this headset it was too much like the Oculus Rift DK1 for its own good. Running on the old Android system all it could really play was mobile VR games, but with the advent of adverts appearing on those said games it sadly killed this headset off. But to give GameFace Labs some credit it was well ahead of its time and could easily have become something much bigger than it was. Sadly Facebook killed this off with the Oculus Rift DK2.

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