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Gorilla Soccer (Steam VR)

Gorilla Soccer (Steam VR)

System:Oculus Rift Only
Comfort Rating:Red (Extreme Movement)
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing, Room-Scale
Multi-Player:Yes, Online Co-op & PvP
Age Rating:PG

Description: Your can play football (soccer) as a gorilla! The locomotion is inspired by gorilla tag. You can run, jump, and hit the ball using only your hands. You can not only play with bots, but also play with other players.

Review: ‘Gorilla Soccer’ is pretty much what you are thinking it is. Yes, it’s a 7 V 7 soccer match with gorillas as the players (although there is an animal pack DLC for those who don’t like monkeys). While the game is awkward to play at first, especially getting about the pitch you can find yourself getting into it and the AI is pretty easy to play against if you don’t fancy jumping into the online lobbies right away. While the game does a little low-poly it runs pretty smoothly without issue and has more than enough content to make it worth the download.

While the single player isn’t up to much it is the multiplayer side of things that really makes this game worth a download. The other good news is the lobbies are pretty busy and it was never long before someone came along to play with. At the end of the day, it is also free and pretty hard to hate upon. Sure, its basic in most departments, but it puts fun and playability above all else and that has to be applauded.

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