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Hand Physics Lab (Oculus Quest)

Hand Physics Lab (Oculus Quest)

Hand Physics Lab (Oculus Quest)

VR Shop – Silver Award

Price at Time Of Review: £7.99
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Interactive Experience
Supported Controllers: Oculus Touch, Hand Tracking
Best Playing Position: Standing, Sitting, Roomscale
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG


Description: Enjoy VR like never before by having full control of your hands and fingers to interact physically with your environment and many different objects and experiences! Discover the unique universe of Hand Physics Lab where you will need to fulfil a variety of tasks and puzzles with nothing but your hands! You will go through more than 80 different puzzles and experiences to unlock multiple playgrounds where you will have full freedom to draw, build and play!

Review: ‘Hand Physics Lab’ is a sandbox style game in which you get to play with a bunch of different things with your real-world hands. I love playing anything with hand-tracking, so I did find myself having fun here playing about with all the different objects. but the paint is especially satisfying. There are some micro-tasks to perform giving this app a little longevity, but mostly it will be a play-once, then never again kind of affair. While I do recommend it I would have liked it to be a little chapter than it currently is. Hand-tracking is indeed fun, but it is also fatally flawed and this app shows those flaws in style.

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