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The Hopping Dead (Oculus Rift)

The Hopping Dead (Oculus Rift)

The Hopping Dead (Oculus Rift)

The VR Shop - Silver Award
Price at Time Of Review: £7 ($8)
Comfort Rating: Red (Extreme Movement)
Genre: Shooter
Supported Platforms: Oculus Rift
Supported Controllers: Oculus Touch, Gamepad, Hand Tracking
Best Playing Position: Standing, Roomscale
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: 15+


Description: Eastern ghost and zombies aren’t afraid of guns and fire, the great Wizards shall use their own magical spells and exorcism swords to exorcise demons. For all of you who were used to only guns as weapons, we offer you a brand-new adventure in killing zombies with Eastern magic!

Review: The Hopping Dead might be crazier than a soup sandwich but it is also not a bad zombie shooter at all and for a good price. You might not know that this is in fact a movie spin-off. The movie The Hopping Dead was directed by Jimmy Lui and the story goes like this: Two thieves break into a Chinese business only to stumble upon the terror that is the Chinese jiang shi, a corpse reanimated as a vampire by Chinese black magic that, because of rigor mortis, chases after its victims by hopping. Which is very much what this game is like.

So would I recommend it? While the jump scares are a little cheesy the rest of the characters and locations are pretty decent looking and the method of “flicking” magical paper at them works surprisingly well. While it does get a little repetitive quickly and there aren’t that many locations I still felt like I got my money’s worth. Dare I say, it’s even better than the low-budget movie!

No Longer Available

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