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ICED VR (Steam VR)

ICED VR (Steam VR)

ICED VR (Steam VR)

System: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Windows MR
Price at Time Of Review: £7.19
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Interactive Experience
Input: Tracked Motion Controllers
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG
VR Shop Score 1/100: 30

Description: The protagonist goes winter fishing on a lake and is caught in a snowstorm. He decides to wait it out in a tent and falls asleep. When the cold wakes him up, he finds his burner empty, his tent cold, and the ice outside broken, leaving him with no way back to the shore.

Review: I kind of like what the developer was going for with ‘ICED VR’ as a survival game it was an interesting concept. But sadly the execution of the game just doesn’t work. There is no clear instructions to the game and this will lead you to die over and over again for no reason and sadly you never really learn anything in doing so. Then, there is the fact that there is no save point! So every time you play, you play from the start and once again have to do repetitive tasks over and over. It’s a good idea, but it needs a lot of work before I would be willing to recommend it.

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