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Newest Innovations in the Lottery Industry

Newest Innovations in the Lottery Industry

Newest Innovations in the Lottery Industry
Newest Innovations in the Lottery Industry

By now, we are already accustomed to online lottery games access-this is, in fact, a thing of the past. Nonetheless, while the field is yet to reach the sci-fi movie realm, several exciting innovations influence the lottery industry every year.

If you are a technical nerd with a knack for lottery games, you will undoubtedly delight in a few of the developments and innovations, as listed in this excerpt. Yes, lotteries are fast moving towards the technological realm, with virtually nothing to stop them now. Read on for some interesting innovations that are taking the lottery world by storm.

1. ‘Scratch It on the Go’

Virtually anyone of us living life through our beloved Smartphone would find this innovation more than exciting. The team that created this fantastic lottery innovation hail from Austria.

Just like the name suggests, you can now access mobile scratch cards through your mobile device! Such is the significance of this innovation that led to the Austrian lotteries winning a third-place spot in the flamboyant Annual European Lotteries Innovation Awards.

This innovative app is currently available for both is and Android devices. Surprisingly, all you need to do is install it in your mobile device and subsequently scratch away…!

2. Virtual Reality in Lotteries

Virtual reality has, within the last few years, transformed into one of the fastest developing technologies around the globe. The introduction of virtual reality lotteries has multiple benefits. This technology can significantly impact the way we play online lotteries completely.

While you could argue that virtual reality has been around for quite some time dating back down to the ‘stereotype.’ This was a commonly used device in the 19th-century gadget, which opened us to an early version of conventional 3D. Nonetheless, the trending wave of VR tech only came into existence back in 2010. This was the year that the first Oculus DK1 Rift prototype was also unveiled.

Currently, about 250 firms are in the industry of developing VR-related products. Among the most established companies worldwide, including Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, and Facebook, to outline but a few, are shifting their focus to developing the finest virtual reality gadgets. While the current focus on how to best make use of VR has mostly geared towards video gaming, there are, however, other ways it can be utilized. Some of the other industry applications it is also used include military applications, real estate agents, and in tourism. But is it also applicable in the online lottery? How can it help improve the lottery industry?

There is an exciting way to make use of the newest VR tech, all courtesy of the Swedish National Lottery. Known as ‘Completing the Virtual Bucket List,’ it is an efficient and innovative way to introduce VR tech into the lotteries.

They established a provision that enabled volunteers to enjoy fantastic ‘bucket list’ adventures and trips without leaving the studio. Ideally, it is a method of accomplishing dreams otherwise only achievable by winning a lottery to manage.

3. Simplified SMS Betting

If you love Lotteries and Texting, then you will appreciate the new and innovative development. The Hungary National Lottery introduced an app called Okoslottó. This app effectively simplifies SMS betting. Since its debut, this app has occasionally made it to the top five lists of most downloaded apps on Google Store.

Surprisingly, this is not the first top development from the Hungarian lottery. After their first app flourished, they went on to unveil another this time, announcing a collective effort with the Slovak and the Czech lotteries.

This new app made its first appearance at a particular festival where individuals could stop at the lottery booth and immediately download this app. This marketing campaign was solely focussed on appealing to a relatively younger audience. The total number of downloads set it apart and showcased another success.

4. Adaptation rooted on a Player’s Interest

When it comes to innovations, Personalization is among the most prominent words. Numerous other fields have begun affording clients outstanding personalized opportunities, with Lottery firmly on the list.

U.S based Scientific Games Corporation has put forth one remarkable development. The company presented a platform that gives lottery and entertainment options in 2016.
Once you sign up into the service and start using it, you get more modified suggestions founded on your preferred pattern. Therefore, this is a platform that affords a flexible experience for optimal enjoyment.

Besides being quite a smart solution, the platform features an HD display complete for superb viewing experience for anyone willing to spend a considerable time on it.

Summary: This is just a short but comprehensive list of the several interesting new things that are defining the lottery industry. What’s next? Only time will tell as we wait to see what the experts unveil to entice us further and make gaming much more personalized, accessible, and convenient.

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