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LG 360 VR

LG 360 VR (2016)

LG 360 VR

Presentation: Given that this was an officially released product (yes, even to consumers) it was very poorly packaged with a plain white box with the smallest of branding. Inside things got a little better with foam padding surrounding the headset and everything else in compartments inside that foam. I just would have expected a little more pizzazz given how other LG products come packaged.

LG 360 VR Box Contents

  • LG 360 VR Headset
  • Light blocker/Guard
  • Lens Cleaner
  • User Guide

LG 360 VR

Description: If there is one company that has side swiped us in the VR community with news it has to be LG. Not only did they come out with a new modular style smartphone, but also the LG Cam 360 and 360 Viewer! Yes, this is not cheap smartphone-style headset this is a full VR headset! Well, we might not have seen it coming, but we are happy that it is here.

This headset can be paired with the new LG G5 as well as the LG 360 camera. So you can record 360 images and video then watch them back on the headset. The displays are super small and each display is 960 X 720 which means you get 638 PPI density! Not too shabby at all. In the coming months, we are sure to bring you more news as it comes to us.

Headset: LG 360 VR
Manufacturer: LG Corporation
Launch Price: $199 (£145)
Release Date: February 2016
Headset Type: Other
Display: 2 x LCD Panels at 920 x 720 (per eye)
Field of View(FOV): 80°
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: Yes
Screen Focus Adjustment: No
Weight: 144g (5.07 oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional

LG 360 VR

Review: The LG 360 VR was a smartphone-powered VR headset that also had a built-in screen and sensors. But sadly it wasn’t anywhere near as good as a Samsung Gear VR and it certainly wasn’t anywhere near as good as an Oculus Rift. You couldn’t adjust the lenses far enough for it to give a great quality picture, it drained the battery of your phone and it gets uncomfortable after just 10 minutes! On all fronts, this was an epic fail of a headset that was nothing more than LG trying to jump onto the VR bandwagon (and falling off it just as quick).

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