Love in Paradise VR Cardboard

Love in Paradise VR Cardboard

“…an VR exotic girlfriend, on an exotic beach simulator!”

Things You Might Need

  1. Mobile VR Headset
  2. Headphones or Earphones

Love in Paradise VR Cardboard

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Love in Paradise VR Cardboard (1)
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Software Name:
Age Rating: 15+
System: Android
Type: Adult / Dating
Size: 93M
Ads: No

Controller Use: NO
Magnet Button: No

Review: We all know it, so let’s get the exotic elephant in the room out of the way. The adult entertainment industry and virtual reality will forever be bedfellows. Deep down they need each other, but both would never admit to it, nor admit that they both love each other. So what we have in this app is an VR exotic girlfriend, on an exotic beach simulator! Yes, that app you always wanted is finally here and ready to fill that empty gap that is your love life (that is only caused because you spend so much time in VR).

Straight away you will notice how good everything looks, from your girlfriend herself to the beautiful scenery. You get to do a number of options with your VR girlfriend. You can sunbathe on a beautiful beach, travel on a boat, walk along the edge of the beach together and discover places, relax your body with a bath in a jacuzzi with sea views then at night you can rest and sleep together. All through each scenario you get movement options that you can do. This is not a serious, full-on porn app, it’s a tongue in cheek things for use childish, pervy men (and some women) to look at. Don’t look at this as a dating app for a virtual girlfriend, look at it as something to have a laugh with, with a few friends and beers. Pass it around, laugh and then go into a deep discussion on how the future of VR apps is looking very sexy indeed.


No Longer Available
No Longer Available

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