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Lumus DK32 Smartglasses

Lumus DK32 Smartglasses (2012)

Lumus DK32 Smartglasses

Description: If the Lumus DK40 is the “home edition”, then these Lumus DK32 Smartglasses are the “all work and no play edition.” It consists of a binocular set of the OE-32 Optical Engine modules embedded in a prototype frame with electronics, enabling the display of high-resolution 720p resolution in 3D and receiving HDMI input! Make no mistake this is some serious tech but that is what means it is also not for the home market.

The main idea of this pair of smartglasses is to be used within the professional consumer market. So not quite the military world that Lumus do so well, but a more professional commercial market. Featuring a Micro-Display Pod which is a mini projector embedded in the temple of the eyeglasses that receives the image content from a video source and projects it into the LOE. Each Pod includes an LCD and light source subassembly which receives a separate image.

Lumus DK32 Smartglasses Specs…

Headset: Lumus DK32 Smartglasses
Manufacturer: Lumus Vision
Launch Price: Unknown
Release Date: April 2012
Headset Type: AR Smartglasses
Display: OST Near-eye at 1280 X 800
CPU: Unknown
Field of View(FOV): 40°
Refresh Rate: 40Hz
Battery: Unknown
Weight: 110g (3.88 oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional

Lumus DK32 Smartglasses

HEADSET Review: As with the Lumus DK-50 it seems to have fallen into development hell, but the company is still going and still making AR smartglasses so while this pair of AR smartglasses might be dead, the next pair could be just around the corner.

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