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Modecom Volcano Blaze

Modecom Volcano Blaze (2019)

Modecom Volcano Blaze

Modecom Volcano Blaze Box Contents

  • MODECOM VOLCANO Blaze Headset
  • Bluetooth Game Controller
  • In-Ear Speakers
  • Warranty

Modecom Volcano Blaze

Description: Take a step into the world of virtual reality. Thanks to MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE set, you will explore another level of experience. From now on you will look at the virtual world through the eyes of your character. The new world will become your own. The set will generate image sequences, which will be controlled by your head’s movements – full experience in 360 degrees, just like in reality. MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE involves also the sense of touch. Thanks to a Bluetooth remote controller, you will be able to control every move of your character. headphones.Wired, Wireless

Modecom Volcano Blaze Specs…

Headset: Modecom Volcano Blaze
Manufacturer: Modecom
Launch Price: $50 (£36)
Release Date: May 2019
Headset Type: VR Headset (Smartphone Powered)
Size Compatibility: Screen Sizes 4.5 in – 5.7 in
Field of View(FOV): 80°
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: Yes
Screen Focus Adjustment: Yes
Weight: 120 g (4.26 oz)

Modecom Volcano Blaze

Review: When you first buy a mobile VR device it can be hard to understand what all the fuss is all about Sure it looks amazing as if you can look around you in VR, but it doesn’t feel all that immersive. But once you pop in a pair of headphones, get yourself and Bluetooth controller and find the right app you suddenly get it, you feel immersed in the virtual world. This is the same way the makers of the Modecom Volcano Blaze must feel because they have produced what we think is the world’s first all in one mobile VR package.

It’s got everything, a headset, a set of earphones and a Bluetooth controller all in one great gift set! Sure, the headset is not all that amazing and doesn’t even have an NFC button, but who cares when you have the controller to do it anyway. While none of the things in the box are of an exceptionally high quality, they are all useful and fully able to give you the maximum virtual reality immersion experience. A great idea, that we are sure we will see more and more companies do in the years to come.

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