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MonteCube Dodge (Steam VR)

MonteCube Dodge (Steam VR)

MonteCube Dodge (Steam VR)

System: Oculus Rift Only
Price at Time Of Review: £2.09
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Action
Input: Tracked Motion Controllers
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG
VR Shop Score 1/100: 10

Description: Survive by dodging and deflecting enemies, objects and obstacles in VR. You are placed in an environment where you need to be agile and on your feet. MonteCube Dodge offers unique levels which can be unlocked after surviving for a given amount of time. Each level will get increasingly difficult the longer you survive. When unlocking the next level, new enemies and obstacles will appear challenging the player in many different ways. Once you complete all of MonteCube’s levels, endless mode will be unlocked along with an area to build blocks and create cool structures using the items around you.

Review: I have to admit it is not easy to find nice things to say about ‘MonteCube Dodge’. The main idea of the game is that you hold a cube and need to protect that said cube with the various weapons on offer or by simply moving about your play area. But when you realise that you can mostly finish the game by simply standing still the small amount of fun this game offers soon goes away. It looks like crap, is utter dog-poo to play and even the small asking price of £2.09 is about £2.09 too much. Who knows, maybe i missed the point ot this game, but for me, this is one of those games best off avoided.

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