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6 Of The Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence And Robots

6 Of The Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence And Robots

Robots just started to appear in the real world, but in people’s fantasies, they have been around for a long time. That’s why such unique artificial intelligence heroes are often found in movies. Whether you prefer watching dystopian science films or comedies or gambling at casino online, these artificial intelligence movies will impress you.

“Bicentennial Man” (1999)

Things become different in the new millennium. Now people do not have pets, it is not fashionable and useless. Instead, they buy robots. Such machines can not only perform simple household chores but also communicate, and keep their owners company. Richard Martin (Sam Neill) together with his family acquires a robot of a new generation, which everyone begins to call Andrew (Robin Williams). And if Richard and his wife treat Andrew as an appliance, their youngest daughter Amanda (Embeth Davidtz) sees him as Gradually becomes attached to him and considers him her friend. And Andrew, who can not cognize all the subtleties of human thinking, begins to notice strange sensations. Who would have thought that these are the very feelings and emotions that are inherent in all humans and distinguish them from robots?

“A.I. Artificial Intelligence” (2001)

“A.I. Artificial Intelligence” is a heartbreaking, touching movie about human feelings and the fact that they can be inherent not only in humans. The world of the future is facing serious problems. Global warming has led to the flooding of large areas, and in the U.S. in connection with this, it was decided to limit the birth of children. But every family was allowed to have a robot helper. But the new models can not only perform simple household chores but also show real human feelings. And the couple Swinton (Sam Robards and Frances O’Connor), whose son David (Haley Joel Osment) fell into a coma, program their android David to selfless love. But when the son comes to his senses, times are not good for the robot. And he, along with his new friend, decides to discover the secret of his origin and learn his true purpose.

“The Stepford Wives” (2004)

This movie is also worth watching, if only because its plot is quite unusual. After a nervous breakdown, the head of the TV company Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) decides with her husband to move to a small and quiet town Stepford, to take a break from the constant bustle and frantic rhythm. Life here is slow and a little boring, but soon the girl is in love with her husband. She and her new friend Roberta (Bette Midler) realize that the local wives are excessively nice, almost perfect, but also almost the same: friendly, caring, and neat. At first, it’s annoying, then alarming, and then it starts to scare. But Joanna is sure to solve the mystery of Stepford and his outrageously perfect wives.

“I, Robot” (2004)

This movie is on the list for a reason, its plot is very unusual and dynamic. In 2035, robots will become the most common phenomenon. They live among people and help them. But police officer Del Spooner (Will Smith) can not stand robots and refuses to work with them, preferring traditional methods. And one day he is assigned to investigate a murder in which an artificially created machine is involved. But if she is to blame, it means that the law on robots has been violated, according to which they cannot harm people, much less kill them. If this is true, the world is in danger. The situation is exacerbated when engineer Alfred Lenning (James Cromwell), who was involved in the creation of the new robot Sonny, is found murdered. Will Del be able to find the culprit and stop the revolt of machines, if it has begun?

“Real Steel” (2011)

In the world of the future, boxing is forbidden, as it is considered an inhumane sport. But what will former boxer Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) do? He becomes a promoter in the famous company “Robobox”, which organizes fights between huge robots. His goal is to find a true champion who will win and make a profit. And so, he finds his ideal. This robot is rejected, but Charlie sees potential in him. He also gets acquainted with his eleven-year-old son Max (Dakota Goyo), whom he saw only at birth and whom he must now bring up. The boy turns out to be very stubborn and determined and decides to help his newfound father. And while the robot goes to the goal, Max and Charlie get to know each other better and better.

“Chappie” (2015)

Scientists around the world have long been working on the creation of an artificial mind. But will he be able to think, feel, compassion, pity, and love, in the end? Or will it become the enemy of mankind and take over the world? Talented scientist and programmer Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) has managed to go further than anyone else and create something extraordinary. It’s a ridiculous but lovable robot named Chappie. He is naive but eager to learn as much as possible. He is a real iron child wunderkind who learns everything incredibly fast. But some people are concerned about the existence of such a unique machine and believe that in the future it could become a threat to the entire planet. And now the main goal of such people is to destroy Chappie. Will this funny robot be able to prove that he is not going to kill? Will he have real friends?

And what are your favorite artificial intelligence movies?