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VR Shop Score – Silver Award

System: Valve Index, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Price at Time Of Review: Free
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Interactive Experience
Input: Tracked Motion Controllers, Gamepad, Keyboard & Mouse
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: 15+


Description: What’s NEKOPALIVE? Why, it’s a “cat-certo”! The catgirls of La Soleil take to the stage and step into the spotlight with their very own live concert. Dancing, singing, MIX’ing, and purring, this is the NEKOPARA event that comes right home to you, and you’ve got the best seat in the house! No idol can compare to a catgirl, nyaaa~

With full support of VR devices, this interactive concert allows you to jump into the venue in full 3D and zoom, pan, tilt and gaze at the beautiful graphics and fun choreography. Grab your glowsticks and prepare for ‘otagei’, because this is your chance to experience NEKOPARA as if it was real and right there in front of you.

Review: What on earth am I supposed to say about NEKOPALIVE? It seems fans of this type of dancing manga girl band love this app and that leaves me feeling that I am missing something from this app. There are only two songs that are VR compatible and all you do is stand in the crown and watch dancing cats girls in maid costumes sing a few songs and that is literally all there is!

I think the bottom line is that if you like this sort of thing you will enjoy this free experience. But if you have no idea what it is all about it is best off left alone. I am sure someone out there will love this experience, but that person is not me, not even for a freebie.

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