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Not All VR Businesses Fail, Some Do Very Well Indeed!

Not All VR Businesses Fail, Some Do Very Well Indeed!

VR News: This is the story of a couple (David and Sandra Whelan) from Waterford (a City in the Republic of Ireland). The two of them made the business based on immersive home VR Education. 6 months ago their business was merely a seed of an idea, but in less than half a year it has been given an estimated worth of almost €30 million! But how and why? Find out by reading the article.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While this company has yet to prove its worth it’s still nice to see a good news story about a VR business. With so many failures on a seemingly daily bases it’s nice to know some people do succeed and indeed there are many more who have grown for various other reasons. VR investment might be slowing down, but stories of success like this can only but encourage more money pumped into the market we all know can become much larger than it currently is.

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