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How Do You Optimize Your Virtual Reality Experience?

How Do You Optimize Your Virtual Reality Experience?

VR is great, but it’s power-consuming. To get the most of your experience, there are many things you
can do. A lot of them are easy, and we talked about them below.

Deal with Overheating

Overheating is something VR phone headsets struggle with. One of the easiest and best solutions is attaching a cooling fan to them. It would work similarly to how a CPU cools itself. If you think this is out of the ordinary, know that there are many VR cooling fans on the market.

Similar to using a fan, you could use a cooling pad too. Attaching a cold compress would help cool things

Something more thorough would be creating a heat sink. If you click here, you can get a good idea of how to get it done. You will just distribute the heat your handset is producing. You won’t need much for it, just aluminium foil.

Clean Your Computer

Dust can ruin your PC. It will collect between your CPU and other integral parts, causing them to overheat. This would result in a slower computer. As you know, you need a powerful one to handle virtual reality. That’s why you’ll have to tend to it regularly. You’ll have to remove its case and get a compressed air can. The can is a must as it would ensure you’re not too rough with the cleaning – you might knock something out of place.

Update Your Operating System

Similar to dust making your computer slower, the same is true for your operating system being outdated. You’ll need to keep it updated because certain applications may be more suited to the newer version of the OS, which you don’t have. They wouldn’t work at their best. An outdated operating system would also leave you with an unsafe PC. There’d be security patches that need to be sorted.

The same is true for your mobile device. Updating to the newest version of Android would leave your VR app the most optimized. You’d also get a faster phone to handle the extensiveness that is virtual reality.

Get Rid of Stickiness

Having the headset on you for long periods would leave it collecting dust. Oils and sweat would get on it after all. Not only would this make your VR experience more uncomfortable, but unsanitary too. There’s probably a plethora of bacteria on it. To remedy this, you can use an anti-bacterial wipe. Make sure that it’s alcohol-free as it could eat away at your device otherwise.

You’ll have to treat the lens on your headset too. A non-alcohol-based cleaning wipe would be great. Regularly wiping it with a microfiber cloth would keep it in even better condition.

Overclock Your PC

Overclocking is when you boost your computer’s clock speed. This would make it faster. You’ll have to be careful, though. Not overclocking properly may overheat it beyond repair. It might also affect the warranty on your parts. But it’s one of the best things you can do to get your PC to handle VR smoother. There are quite a few guides to help you if you’re interested.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to virtual reality, it’s an experience that you can’t put into words. That’s why you should try to get the most out of it. You can easily do so with the tips in our article. By getting rid of overheating, you’d make it more comfortable. To ensure your computer or phone can handle the extensiveness that is VR, updating its operating system would make things better. You’ll also improve your performance by overclocking it.

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