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Painting VR (Oculus Quest)

Painting VR (Oculus Quest)

Painting VR (Oculus Quest)

The VR Shop - Silver Award
Price at Time Of Review: £14.99
Comfort Rating: Green (No Movement)
Genre: Art and Creation
Supported Platforms: Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2
Supported Controllers: Oculus Touch
Best Playing Position: Standing, Sitting, Roomscale
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG

Description: This experience is very hands-on, easy to understand, and aimed at all ages. Play around and feel the relaxing satisfaction of putting unlimited amounts of fresh paint on a canvas. Teach yourself the basics of colors, the painting process, and composition. Sharpen your skills by experimenting with the tools and techniques at hand, and become part of a new wave of digital artists. All without having to bother about cleaning up afterwards!

Review: There are plenty of good quality painting apps for all our VR devices and some like ‘Vermillion‘ are better than others. The good news is I really do think ‘Painting VR’ is right up there with the best of them and it looks and feels identical to the Steam VR version which is very impressive (and for some reason a bit cheaper as well!) OK, so it’s not as polished as ‘Vermillion’, it lacks a good quality tutorial and the level of detail you can achieve is far lower, but psychics are what makes this app stand out, with big brushes having moving, individual bristles and the sheer quantity of other tools to help make your art creation come alive are all here, from pens to spray cans and you can even use your fingers! The painting studio environment is also nice and doesn’t distract you from the job at hand.

It just doesn’t feel as polished, nor as finished as some other painting apps despite ticking a lot of good boxes and I am more than happy to recommend it. I just wish there was a tutorial so you could at least try it out because you really do need to take some time to learn this yourself as it doesn’t hold your hand at all. With some improvements (especially to the UI) this could be something special, but for now, it’s just mildly impressive.

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