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PatchWorld (Oculus Quest)

PatchWorld (Oculus Quest)

£22.99 ($26.99)
System:Oculus Quest 2 Only
Comfort Rating:Green (No Movement)
Genre:Music and Rhythm
Input:Touch controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing, Room-Scale
Age Rating:PG

Description: Unleash your creativity in the marvellous musicverse of PatchWorld! Explore an ever-expanding library of tools, toys, and wild instruments you can use to make your own music in VR. Join an underwater reggae jam, blast some hard techno beats, or make polyrhythms out of rainfall. Build your own reactive stage and musical inventions – fully immersed, natively on your headset!

Review: ‘PatchWorld’ is a block-based music maker in which you make your own music from various components that you stick together. The good news is there a tutorial to at least get you started, but you will need a large amount of creativity inside of you already (and there are some tracks to enjoy built into the app). It’s weird, wild and crazy with its dream-like graphics and often crazy sounds to make that sweet music with.

While its limited content will stifle some people’s creativity there is enough here for most people to enjoy. But this is not an app, nor a game, it is more an experience for those who already kind of know how to make music and can make that said music out of just about anything. Some people will enjoy this a lot more than my non-creative brain did, but I can also easily see others not liking it at all

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