Pikmin AR Launches Worldwide – Play it Now!

Pikmin AR Launches Worldwide - Play it Now!

AR News: Hot on the coat-tails of Pokemon Go comes Pikmin Bloom is the next location-based game from Niantic that features even better AR options including depth perception rendering. The gameplay loop has you planting flowers when you begin a walk, leaving a trail of those flower petals behind you, which in turn helps the Pikmin in your possession grow faster and, bloom flowers which you can them pluck to turn into more flowers for planting. There are no boss fights at the moment with giant bread bugs and blow hogs, but maybe they will come with time. Here is the main spiel and a whole lot more about it – https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-11-05-pikmin-blooms-first-community-day-coming-next-weekend

My Thoughts: Having played this game for a few days now I really have to say that there isn’t a lot to it at the moment. Sure, it is early days and everyone is still figuring out how to play it and get the different varieties, but it does seem a little thin on content. It does however get you outside and walking and in these times of covid not enough people are doing that, so maybe this is what changes that for a lot of players and once again all thanks to AR technology.

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