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PowersVR (Oculus Rift)

PowersVR (Steam VR)

PowersVR (Steam VR)

The VR Shop - Gold Award
System: Valve Index, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Price at Time Of Review: £6.99
Comfort Rating: Red (Extreme Movement)
Genre: Action
Input: Tracked Motion Controllers
Best Playing Position: Standing
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: 15+

Description: PowersVR lets you be the caped crusader from comic books. Featuring a cast of colorful heroes and villains, you’ll get to test out their unique superpowers in the sandbox, or complete challenges to unlock even more characters. While still in development, the game already offers 12 distinct characters to play as and more and more content is being added all the time, building up to an action-packed story campaign, which will have the superheroes and criminal masterminds join forces to fight a bigger threat than any of them alone.

Review: Calling all wannabe superheroes. This is your last chance to sign up to be a superhero for a few hours. From throwing fireballs to super speed to flying around the city. All these powers and much more can be yours if you are willing to accept them into your life. Yes, this is what PowersVR offers you and it is more awesome than I could ever put into words.

Using the Oculus Touch Controllers the idea of the game is to explore the city with your first superhero who can do little more than teleport and you need to find other superpowers to complete missions with and also fight off the evil alien robots who are scattered over the short, but fun-packed city. From racing to shooting things, the missions are all superhero practice and some of them are even more fun than simply exploring the city! I don’t want to mention all the superpowers and all the superheroes you will come across, but even in the small proof of concept, there is plenty to do.

This is the sort of VR game I always wanted to play. Being able to simply explore the little cartoony town and teleport, or fly to the highest point does give you a strange power trip! Gameplay-wise I really didn’t have anything to moan about. Sadly the same can’t be said for value for money as the amount of content you get doesn’t justify the asking price. But yet… I can still put my hand on my heart and recommend getting this game! We have seen a few superhero VR games the last few weeks, but once again it is the smaller developers showing the big ones how to do it the right way. Truly an awesome and unique VR experience.

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