3DHolic (VR Viewer)



“…perfect for anyone on the move and in need of a quick VR fix…”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: 3DHolic

  1. Works With Screen Sizes 4.7″ – 6.0″
  2. Works with both AR and VR Content
  3. Made From Strong Durable Plastic
  4. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  5. Sort Rubber Mounted Phone Arms
  6. Special Designed Phone Grips
  7. Portable and Foldable
  8. Ultra Lightweight
  9. Can Be Hands Free
  10. Biconvex Lenses


Are you becoming VR dependant? If you are, maybe you need to try 3DHolic. This small, foldable pair of 3D VR glasses are perfect for anyone on the move and in need of a quick VR fix now and again (this is most of us in the VR office).

On a serious note, the 3DHolic is a very small, folding mobile VR headset that feels soft to the touch. There is also a 3DHolic Xgear table clamp stand for a hands-free viewing experience. While there is nothing extraordinary or unique about the 3DHolic it is still a good choice for those of us on the move.

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