“…this full VR headset doesn’t need a smartphone, just a video input device.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: 3Dinlife

  1. Gravity and gyroscopic sensors
  2. 3 axles magnetic field
  3. Aspherical lens design
  4. Over 100 degree FOV
  5. 1920×180 resolution
  6. 30ms Respons time
  7. Weight: 380G
  8. 5.7″ screen
  9. HDMI port
  10. Full HD


3Dinlife (2)
3Dinlife (1)
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3DInlife was established way back in 2007 which means it was a company well ahead of its time. Becoming leading innovators in the VR headset industry they are a brand not to be messed with. Also called the Viulux Headset this full VR headset doesn’t need a smartphone, just a video input device. But this means you end up with something that is not quite a good as both of them.

But for the RRP what do you want? Its a self-contained virtual reality headset that has some good games to play, but nothing more that most Google Cardboard ones. Can this Shenzhen-based startup headset really be worth the cash? Well, if you want something to play around with then this is a good purchase indeed.

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