AntVR Cyclop

Top 10 Key Selling Points: AntVR Cyclop

  1. 3×3 foot Virtual Reality Area Detection
  2. Integrates With PC and Games Consoles
  3. Infrared Obstacle Detection
  4. More Accurate Head tracking
  5. 110° Field Of View
  6. Built-In IMU module
  7. 90HZ Refresh Rate
  8. Ultra Low Latency
  9. 2K Display
  10. Affordable


“…once again trying to hit the low-end price point …”

The name makes you want to add an invisible ‘s’ on the end and it is coming off the back of a headset that was a compleat failure. But it seems ANTVR are not giving up the ghost of making a full VR headset. While the ANTVR TAW is widely considered to be one of the very best mobile VR headsets the ANTVR has a lot of hate due to it being very poor quality. Sadly for the ANTVR Cyclop they are once again trying to hit the low-end price point with it.

As with the original ANTVR, the headset relies on a connection to a computer, game console, or media input device in order to run programs and games. Once again the stats are not much to look at, but it is all about the software and there doesn’t seem to be anything really unique. But it is early days for this headset and only time will tell if it is better than it’s older brother.


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