Top 10 Key Selling Points: ATHEER AIR

  1. AiR Suite for Enterprise Subscription
  2. Unmatched Hands-Free Productivity
  3. AiR Glasses Powered By AiR OS
  4. 3D Depth and Dual RGB Cameras
  5. Wide 65° Field Of View
  6. NVIDIA Tegra processor
  7. WiFi, BT4.1, GPS, LTE
  8. 3D Stereo Displays
  9. Access To AiR SDK
  10. X2 8 MP Cameras


“…very impressive and sure to be the shape of things to come.”

The ATHEER AIR is said to be the world’s most interactive 3D smart glasses platform for working professionals. Designed for industry use at the moment htye do hope to use the feedback and lower prices tech to bring these headsets down to an affordable level for the public. The 65° field of view is better than Google Glass, but still not as wide or as clear as Microsoft HoloLens.

What is most amazing about this headset is the AiR operating system. This is designed to make your work, in your area of experience easier. It is a lot of this data and feedback that will help shape any consumer version of this headset. But for now, it is very impressive and sure to be the shape of things to come.


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