“…a good spin on the old cardboard style.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: BotsNew

  1. Side Blinkers To Block Out Light
  2. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Works With Smartphones 4 – 6″
  4. Allows People To Wear Glasses
  5. Comes With Cleaning Cloth
  6. Side Holes For Earphones
  7. Comes In a Gift Box
  8. Fairly Ridge Build
  9. Convex Lenses
  10. Lightweight


Made by Megahouse and coming in a rather stylish box the BotsNew is a mobile VR headset that is halfway between a Google Cardboard viewer and a low budget plastic headset. It sort of Google Plastic so to speak. It does fold up a bit, but mostly it is a strong and sturdy headset. Holding smartphones between 4 – 6″ screen size it is also quite adaptable about what phones it takes.

The biggest problem with this headset is that it isn’t good at being either a plastic headset or a cardboard one. It’s too rigid and heavy to be a cardboard headset and doesn’t have any of the features you might expect from a plastic headset for the same price. Ultimately the BotsNew is a good spin on the old cardboard style. But not enough to make it something new and exciting. Having said that, credit has to be given to the whole gift box idea. I love getting a well-presented box with my gadgets. It looks more professional even if the gadget inside isn’t.


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