Cmoar V3



“…it’s like seeing a beautiful flower open up into full bloom.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Cmoar V3

  1. Holes For Ventilation And The Headphones
  2. Back And Ok Additional Function Buttons
  3. Thoroughly Tested Mechanical Systems
  4. Menu And Shutdown Function Buttons
  5. Stable And Balanced Construction
  6. Transparent Plexiglass For AR
  7. Built-In Analogue Controller
  8. Durable Ergonomic Fit
  9. Solid Construction
  10. Adjustment Systems

Cmoar V3

When you look back on the V1 and V2 versions of this headset it’s like seeing a beautiful flower open up into full bloom. When they finished on Kickstarter they had only just reached their goal. If this had been the headset they showcased it would have done much, much better.

They are experts at making VR apps and now, finally, they have shown their amazing design skills in a virtual reality headset. We are going to say what everyone else is thinking. Yeah! This is better looking than the Samsung Gear VR! (And probably has more features as well).


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