ColorCross (Andoer)



“…one of the very first inexpensive plastic headsets…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: ColorCross (Andoer)

  1. Room For Earphones Cable
  2. Wide Adjustable Aperture
  3. Suites Most Smartphones
  4. Adjustable Lens Length
  5. 3 Point Headstraps
  6. Adjustable Straps
  7. Soft Face Padding
  8. Adjustable Focus
  9. Sturdy Design
  10. Inexpensive

ColorCross (Andoer)

The ColorCross was one of the very first inexpensive plastic headsets for smartphone mounted virtual reality. While at first it doesn’t really look like a very complicated device there are some clever aspects to it. The main feature is the adjustable case to fit different size smartphones. They simply shrink and expand all depending on how big your smartphone is.

There is also adjustable focus, comfortable face padding and a 3 point head strap that can be easily adjusted. Sure, it doesn’t have the adjustments or quality that others like the VR SHINECON have but it does work and costs next to nothing. Want to text virtual reality but hate the feel of cardboard on your nose and face? This will be perfect for you.

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