Dragonfly VRV (VR Viewer)



“…a well polished and slick looking cardboard VR headset…”

AKA: “Dragonfly Elite Vortex VRV” OR “Dragonfly Elite Soho VRV” OR “Dragonfly Google Cardboard”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Dragonfly VRV

  1. Universal Compatibility For All Makes Of Smartphones
  2. Ultimate In Phone Protection Against Dropping
  3. Hundreds Of Google Play VR Apps
  4. Perfect For Watching 3D Videos
  5. Great For A Marketing Tool
  6. Environmentally Friendly
  7. A Pretty Good Experience
  8. Adjustable 34mm Lenses
  9. No Assembly Required
  10. Comes Well Presented

Dragonfly VRV

The Marketing Pitch: At DragonflyVRV, we have created a unique, technically savvy viewer that is NOT just another ordinary cardboard viewer. We have taken the mobile viewing experience to the next level. Adjustable 34mm lenses, the utmost in smartphone protection, universal compatibility for all makes of smartphones, DragonflyVRV Elite viewers are more than “cardboard”.

Overview: When it comes to customizable cardboard viewers, there is so much competition that anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd has to come up with something special! So is the Dragonfly VRV something special, or is it just a small, flying nuance like it’s insect counterpart?

The first thing you will notice is this headset is not your normal brown pond dragonfly, it is one of those exotic ones with loads of colours that you only get to see on NatGeo! With the option to customise this headset you could be sure your brand would stand out at any event show. As for the headset, it really is very easy to assemble. Just pop your smartphone in, fold it over and lock the arms into the sides. It also feels sturdy and easy to grip which all works to make this look like a well made and well-designed headset.

Features: With some nice side blinkers to stop some of the light getting in as well as adjustable pupil distance this is a cardboard mobile VR viewer that does more than some plastic mobile VR headsets do! It also comes well presented which is a lot more than you get with many other Google Cardboard viewers! Apparently you can have any custom design on it as well, but we would imagine you would need to buy in bulk for that.

Verdict: While it doesn’t offer anything unique it does what many other cardboard headsets do with flair and style. From the presentation to the ease of use, it is a well polished and slick looking cardboard VR headset that would be perfect for promotion merchandising, or just good to receive as a gift.


No Longer Available
No Longer Available


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