DRVR Phonecase



“…its essentially a phonecase, kick stand and mobile VR headset in one.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: DRVR Phonecase

  1. Can Be Adjusted To Work With Most Smartphones
  2. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Adjustable Pupil Distances
  4. Made From Durable ABS Plastic
  5. Also A Protective Phone Case
  6. Comes In A Range Of Colours
  7. Custom Designs Available
  8. Super Lightweight Design
  9. Biconvex Lenses
  10. Handmade

DRVR Phonecase

Are you finding yourself waiting for the Figment VR to get crowdfunding, go into production and finally get the device out to you? That could take a while, but there is an alternative. This is the DRVR Phone case and its essentially a phone case, kickstand and mobile VR headset in one. It really can do everything (if not more) that the Figment VR can but it’s available to buy right now.

It’s a phone case that is hard and protective (and not much thicker than a normal case). It’s a kickstand so you can stand it up on your desk and watch a movie, then if you get bored of that movie you can then transform it into a fully working virtual reality device!

It makes us at the VR shop think it might not be the big companies who will be the most innovative in the VR industry, maybe it will be someone with a very creative spark and a 3D printer that will make the next big thing.


Buy Now on Amazon
Buy Now on Amazon


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